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Being seen, heard and held in a safe non judgemental space is the greatest gift.

That's why I became a Life Coach



For those who want more from life.


For those who want to make an impact on the world. 


For those with big, bold ambitious dreams.


I coach individuals and teams who want to make giant leaps personally and professionally to live life with purpose and impact.

We grow if we water ourselves.


We grow in the direction we want with intentional watering.


Where are you growing? 

Will you achieve your dreams and desires with your current watering can?

Latest Blog Posts

Hear what Loz thought of the Train Like a Female experience. 

What is it like working with Suzie?

"Thanks Suzie for coaching me to a silver medal at European Duathlon Championships"

1:1 coached athlete
Providing you can work in Canary Wharf in the financial boardroom while achieving at the highest level athletically.

Fiona Irving_edited.jpg

Being coached by Suzie was a powerful and eye opening experience for me. I was feeling “stuck” professionally so reached out to Suzie. She had an amazing ability to create a safe and non-judgemental thinking space for me.She challenged me to think differently about what I thought my success was dependent upon. I can’t recommend working with Suzie highly enough.

nick h photo_edited.jpg

I'd previously had 2 coaches but Suzie was by far the best coach I've worked with, she's a really positive person, has tons of enthusiasm and is a great listener.

Sandra Millburn_edited.jpg

Sandra Millburn

Suzie does a great job of listening. By just allowing me to talk and 'think out loud' and providing the space for me to do so, it helps to get all my thoughts (and there are a lot of them) out and sort them out for myself.

Fiona Irving

Nick Hannah

kirsty brown_edited.jpg

Kirsty Brown

My coaching sessions with Suzie have helped me to overcome some difficult thoughts and I felt really comfortable opening up to her. I now feel like I understand myself a lot better. You never feel alone when working with Suzie.

Female Soccer Coach

Laura Kyte

Suzie is a great listener and asks questions that challenge and lead me to reflect on why I think and feel certain things. She is also a great encourager and very easy to open up to about all aspects of life.

Female Nurse

Rita Zagoni

Suzie listened carefully, reflected and always offered a concept, nudge, mental tool, reframing, suggestion or reflection that helped me put my feelings and issues in context, get unstuck and find a next step forward. I wholeheartedly recommend her.